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Hotel Web Hosting

We provide global web hosting and email solutions, with regional web servers in Europe, Asia and America.

Our cloud based servers utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS), including use of their Route 53 service, for reliable and high performance Domain Name System (DNS). We guarantee website visitors an excellent browsing experience with quick loading times and optimised websites from any world wide location.

Furthermore, we provide advanced email security with advanced threat protection and comprehensive email filtering for virus, spam and malware.

Fast, Reliable & Secure

Utilising Amazon Web Services, we are able to deliver Fast, Reliable & Secure web hosting and email services, at extremely affordable prices. You can be assured of quick loading times and optimised websites.

Managed Hosting Services

We offer a range of support and maintenance options, leaving you to focus on what is important, running your hotel. We can manage everything from domain name renewals, to email account management.

Exceptional Technical Support

As well as a proven reputation for delivering premium hosting services in the hotel industry, our technical support is on hand when required - including phone, email, Skype and remote desktop support.